Saturday, July 25, 2009


Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Erin Elizabeth Montgomery. I am 30 and live in Texas for the time being. I am married to the most amazing man and have been for almost 9 years. We have 3 dogs. Two Pit Bulls and a Chiweenie. They are the best and sweetest dogs ever. I am currently serving as a Medical Laboratory Tech for the US Army. The reason I chose to title my blog Mattie J's life is just because it is a combination of the two nicknames my parents gave me as a kid. Matilda and Jean. I guess I am sentimental in that way. I love the Army and all of the great opportunities I have being a service member. I have been in now just over 2 years and am weighing the options of staying in or getting out. I have just recently found a group on line to be able to exert my creative side. YIPPEE! Hopefully it will become a solid hobby for me and give me something to do besides sitting around like a bump on a log... Well, all for now much more to come!

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