Monday, November 1, 2010

Create Every Day

Ok, so today I have started a month long challenge to create something new every day. I decided to start off a little easy and do a wooden plaque. I bought some letters and a blank plaque and when I got home realized that my last name, Montgomery, is quite long and thus does not fit on the plaque. So I improvized and put my husband and my name on it instead. I have chosen to use pinks and silver for the color palate. I am hoping to find some complementary colors to use in the future. Pink is my favorite but I am understanding that Jeff does not want to live in a pink cloud of cotton candy. I am open to trying any colors in my color wheel that will compliment my favorites and am looking forward to seeing what my mind and fingers come up with.


  1. Hey, I found you! Thanks for sending the link again. Best of luck on Creating Every Day. Please let us know how it goes for you.

    Ps. Are you going to show us a photo of your plaque?

  2. Hey cool, good for you! I guess we just have to do our art.

    I just joined your blog! I will post some things I am doing too.