Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Art Excitement

I am so very excited about all of the ideas I have of things I can make and design. I am trying very hard to go sloly so I dont use up all of my good ideas all at once. It is so hard. I think I may have to start writing things down. I have so many great project ideas going through my head. I am going to be busy fo a long time. Which is good. I am so blessed to have a mother who was willing to let me in on her art secrets and show me my beginning ropes to all of what I have learned.


  1. DEFINITELY write them down! In fact, don't go anywhere without a notebook for ideas and scraps and samples you run across during the day. (A great notebook cover is a cool project, too.) Then whenever you need an idea, you'll have a bunch at hand.

    Your art excitement inspires me!

  2. I keep a (very messy) studio journal. I jot down ideas, tape or glue in pictures and articles, draw sketches, write impressions of museum exhibits and galleries. I strongly encourage you to start one. Peggy's right--it would be fun to personalize it with an artistic cover!